Putting People on the Map

I’ve used different ‘mapping’ processes throughout my PhD research to engage with a range of local people, social dynamics and changing places in Finsbury Park.


Namely through workshops and focus groups; local community groups, residents and students have discussed what places mean to them, have created and drawn their own maps and used portrait photography to play with representations of locality and Finsbury Park as a neighbourhood.



Redmond Community Summer BBQ Mapping


We’ve looked at mapping important sites, routes and landmarks for local people and discussed places of contention or concern. We want to show and make visible the local spaces and knowledges that are so important to making a place and yet often left off the ‘official map’ representation of neighbourhoods.



Putting People on the Map Workshop, Redmond Community Centre, 2016

‘Layers of Finsbury Park’ created from the analogue acrylic maps of Finsbury Park made by different community groups in the focus groups and workshops was displayed at Furtherfield Gallery, Feb – March 2017.

Layers of Finsbury Park, Furtherfield Gallery, 2017